Monday, March 23, 2009


These past couple of days have been a tad exhausting. I know I dont work and there is no need for me to be tired right? wrong. I stay up all night waiting to talk to my husband for the short time that I can, therefore that makes me tired. Lately people have been giving me crap because I dont work and I dont care what people have to say about that. If I dont want to work I wont. I dont understand why people think its such a huge deal that I dont work!? Gimme a break, I have a lot on my plate and I dont care what anyone thinks.. I take care of bills, and I go to school, that in itself is overwhelming. I hate doing bills, but I have to.. Of course if that man I married were here I wouldnt have to worry about that, but I do. I have been so frustrated lately, especially being around people. I havent been around people still Derek left and its been hard for me adjusting to being on my own, and now that I am used to it. People annoy that heck out of me. I'm sorry if I sound mean, but its the truth. My poor frickin husband is out there in the middle of some ocean, in some country, doing some sort of training that he will never use.. and I have people over here giving me their 2 cents in lately.? I dont think so.. I just wish everyone would mind their own business and back off. my husband and I are very private people.. we dont let too many people get close.. but my family is here trying to support the both of us the best they can, but I feel like they are just intruding to an extent.. and all I want to do is hope and pray that my husband is doing ok, and that he isnt going without and most of all that all his needs are being met.. I miss him so much.

I love you

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