Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sitting Here

I have been sitting in the same spot the last 5 hours. Reason why- because of homework. oh my dear Lord this homework that I have had this week is too much, its taken a lot out of me today. When I got done I figured, better go update my blog, cause I know my husband likes to keep tabs on me and know what is going on with me. this morning I talked to my husband and the stupid call was dropped. Now I dont know if it was me, or him but it sucked. I sat there waiting for him to call me back and he never did. I ended up falling asleep with the phone in my left hand, and when I woke up, I was in the same position I was in when I fell asleep! haha. but no, its not funny cause I waited all night for a call back and I never got one. Usually Derek is pretty good at calling me back right away, so I figured the calling card ran out or the phones went down, which both are possibilities. So now its 23:08 and I am hungry. I was going to go and run to get something from Subway, but I kept putting it off cause I had to get homework done. and then when I finally looked at the clock, everything is too late. my tummy is growling and its too late for me to actually cook like a meal, so I guess hot chettos it is.. haha. no no no. just kidding. I'll figure something out. My husband has been getting on me alot about eating.. I am worried too much to be having to be worried about eating. My stress level is out of control because he is gone. so eating is one less thing I have to worry about.

I hope he does call me tonight, I mean he has money so I better be getting a call tonight or else.. :-) just kidding babeo. (I know you are reading this). We are gonna be hitting triple digits soon. and single digits for your return. oh yeah by the way. today sucked.

I have nothing else to say today

Love you babe-o.

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