Monday, March 9, 2009

When God Speaks

So last night, we had a guest speaker by the name of Dennis Torino. 4 time Mr. Universe, 5 time Mr. World, and so on. I can't remember all his titles. Lol. Well anyways, he is such an on fire man of God. He has the gift of healing, and the gift of the prophetic. Well, I went expecting that God would do something in our life, since Dereks not here doesn't mean I can't expect God to move in the both of our lives, cause were one, even with him a world away. Well, I went expecting that God would speak to me through him. And he did. It was crazy. He said that the Lord is going to bless my womb and give me as many kids as we want. He said that a lot of people have tried to curse me and speak death over me, but the spirit of the Lord says he will do the extraordinary. Wow. All I can say is God is on the move.. And God will fulfill his promises, even when they seemed blurred and won't come to pass. As long as we put the Lord first, God is going to fulfill the desires and dreams we have. :-). Today was an awesome day, 2 services and I got a full nights sleep. I should be heading to arizona this week, that's if I finish the homework. Babe-o. I hope you are staying warm at night, I know your in the field in the middle of Korea, and I know its cold there. I pray that your covered and that no sickness comes against you. I want you to know that your making me proud and that I'm here encouraging you. I love you so much! I pray that your blessed :-). Have a good night babe-o.

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