Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In Arizona.

I decided to just pack up and visit my mom and dad this week. I havent seen them for a little over a month and it was killing me. haha... So I'm here visiting, I have to head back tommarow for school, which sucks but I have to. cant miss one class, or I'll be dropped. I am paying $1500 for 4 classes!. which is a lot for a private insititution. I have so much homework right now that its killing me to keep up with all of it.. and my mom doesnt seem to understand. I think she thinks when I come to visit her that my homework goes in to some sort of "frozen status" she keeps bugging me to go places with her, and as much as I would like to spend time with her, I just cant. Homework overload right now. and I HATE HATE HATE doing homework here, cause EVERYONE seems to call me or bug me in some way or another, and Im not a mean person I just tend to suck it up and let people bug me cause I dont ever like to say no. haha. which is somewhat of a bad thing.
I talked to my husband yesterday! He called me, it was a week since we've spoken but some awesome way he called me.. He was telling me that they are in Korea doing some feild training and he said he has never been more cold in his life. :-( I felt so bad hearing that from him. I wish I had some sort of superpower. haha that sounds lame, but seriously I wish there was a way for me to be there with him.. I miss him so much, the more I been staying busy though, the less depressed I get. which is a good thing, cause it somewhat makes the time go by somewhat faster. I just wish he was home already so I can give him the list of things to do for the wedding. ;-).

I have been having these horrible horrible headaches, like I used to about a year ago. and all I want to do is sleep just to stop by head from hurting. I was prescribed Replex, for headaches.. and well after I learned what the side effects were, I stopped taking them.. one of the major side effects were getting a heart murmor. who in the heck would still take the medicine? thats what I want to know!? you have to be dumb to still take those pills.. crazy, so I just been taking excedrine.. and it works, but it wears off fast.. its a killer..

well, I have to get to the homework. love you babe-o

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