Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Excited much?

Hey babe! you called me this morning at 0300! I did not expect a call from you for a while. and like I said on the phone I am sorry for being a jerk the other night. I just get so frustrated and overwhelmed with things that I tend to take it out on you and I should not be like that. I'm happy that you called, I was so tired last night that I wasnt gonna even answer my phone. thankfully I did. I can tell you are getting excited over coming back home. And thats awesome, you should look forward to coming home and adjusting all over again. Actually, you got me excited, this morning when I woke up and I have been thinking about is what we are going to do when you get home. And I see nothing wrong with getting excited and our hopes up even with us being 2+ months in this, its actually motivating more than anything. I like that. I tsgood ,its keeping me pumped. :-) I miss you so much, I love you even more. I cannot wait til you are home. I started writing a list of things I want to do when you get back, so look forward to doing a ton of things... :-) that DOES not involove always staying at home. You freak. I love you, I'm about to go running.

Miss you and hope to hear from you soon.

oh yeah, PS. MotoMail was down again today! it says the unit is back to its homestation and I am unable to submitt you a darn letter. :-(


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